Beautiful sunny Lithgow played host to Round 3 of the Rotax Pro Tour on March 1st - 3rd where the weather conditions were anything but sunny! Having said that though, the variable conditions made for some interesting racing with last lap passes and a few incidents mixing up the results. Check it out!


With more than 30 videos and a total of over 25,000 views online, BingaVision has become a little bit more than just a home made video to present to our sponsors.  From filming go-kart races to doing 360's in one, watching  a bloke eat hot chips, building giant slip n slides, learning to snowboard, and jumping out of aeroplanes...we started having fun and don't want to stop. 

We are always keen for new ideas and like to film shenanigans along the way.  If you have any videos of your own, email us the link and we will post it here.  But first check out our videos and enjoy them like we did.  Keep the dream alive!
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